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The First in Snowpark Scooters
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Micro is a passionate team that loves scooters and snow — With our local partners, we are a family, creating & delivering innovative, fun products for you.

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Passion is Everything

  • We are Micro
  • We are freestyle
  • First in snowpark scooters

Starting at $799

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Custom & Handcrafted

  • Adapted MX Crossneck
  • Stiff 56cm skis
  • Light, precision mounts

Conceived for snowparks

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Swiss Excellence

  • Designed & Engineered in Switzerland
  • Partner - Radical Sports
  • Partner - Alu Menziken Extrusion

Expert collaborators

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Precise & Known playing field

  • Focus on the snowpark
  • Partner, partner, partner
  • Be *FIRST*

The first in snowpark scooters

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About the Micro Snowpark Scooter - Black Ice

Black Ice Snowpark Scooter

The First in Snowpark Scooters

Zurich/Küsnacht, September 2014. After three years of development and testing, Micro is stoked to launch a scooter specifically designed and engineered for the jibs and jumps of a ski resort’s terrain park.

The Black Ice snowpark scooter is a natural innovation for Micro, the creator of the modern-day scooter with headquarters in the alpine country of Switzerland. Originally conceived by Benjamin Friant (BenJ), a world-class freestyle scooter rider and freeski enthusiast, this scooter is specifically designed to safely navigate the terrain park fixtures. BenJ’s preference for big-air jumps, however, influences several key design elements. According to BenJ, “Because the scooter allows me to steer and carve at the same time, I wanted really strong skis that had very little flex.” In addition to a robust vertically laminated wooden core, the skis are also slotted to fit skegs, which allow the scooter to track a clean line towards the kicker.
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[Lesen Sie die Pressemitteilung]

About Micro Mobility Systems Ltd
Micro Mobility Systems Ltd was established in 1996 in Küsnacht, Zürich and is the international market leader with its micro® brand of scooters and kickboards. These light-weight, agile scooters created a boom at the end of the 1990’s and are sold today in over 4'000 outlets in 80 different countries. Under the direction of Wim Ouboter and Hans-Peter Bolliger, the company develops and manufactures a broad range of products for children, adolescents, adults and the Swiss army. These products all have one thing in common – Swiss design excellence.

  • Our raison d’etre is to innovate around the scooter platform and 2014 is a pivotal year in this regard. In addition to seeing tremendous growth across our business, we have come to market this year with several key innovations including the 3in1, the E-micro ONE and now
    Black Ice.

    Hans-Peter Bolliger - Managing Partner at Micro Mobility Systems Ltd

  • We have a fantastic history with pioneers of the ski industry like K2 . During the late 90's we created 100'000's of K2 Kickboards together - Black Ice holds as much innovative promise for our future.

    Wim Ouboter - Founder

Wim Ouboter



Benji Friant


Rider & Inventor

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Suisse - Switzerland - Schweiz
+41 44 910 1122
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